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Ali Hewson's T-Shirts for Uganda

A great article in Elle to lead into the cause marketing networking event hosted by Christian Kemp-Griffin, Chief Mission Officer of Edun, next Tuesday, August 17, at 3:00PM during Sourcing at MAGIC in Las Vegas as a follow up to his seminar earlier in the day about social and environmental sustainability. Collectively MAGIC is the largest apparel and accessories trade show in the US, an excellent opportunity to connect with fashion brands and retailers.

Edun, Invisible Children, Wrap Up Africa and Indego Africa will be on hand to discuss cause marketing opportunities with visiting brands and retailers to build on successful partnerships with Guess?, Anthropologie and Ralph Lauren. Edun and Invisible children will also provide information about the Conservation Cotton Initiative(CCI), a COMPETE Africa grantee. A great opportunity to educate the fashion industry in how they can make a difference in the lives of people like Aweko Joska.

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